California Compensation Laws

Waiting Periods

Waiting period for indemnity (loss wages)
Retroactive Period

Minimum and Maximum Indemnity Benefits

Weekly PPD Min/Max Benefits
Weekly PTD Min/Max Benefits
Weekly TTD Min/Max Benefits
Weekly TPD Min/Max Benefits

Death Benefits

Weekly Min/Max Death Benefits
Time Limits for Death Benefits
Compensation limits for surviving spouse and child(ren)
Maximum Burial Allowances for a death claim
Effective Date for these Benefits

Maximum Compensation Adjustment Dates and Percentages for Indemnity

Adjustment date for the maximum compensation
Min/Max percentage of SAMW or SAWW
Percentage of wages used to calculate the benefit rate
Offsets for Temporary Disability?

Method of Payment for Disability Awards

Scheduled awards paid in addition to TTD benefits?
Scheduled awards paid upon termination of TTD benefits?
Scheduled awards reduced because of receipt of TTD benefits?

Benefits for Permanent Disfigurement

Nature of Disfigurement Policy
Compensation received
Maximum Period

Misc. State Compensation Information

Method of payment of compensation
Mileage reimbursement rate for injured workers

Compensation for Minors

Future earning capacity of minor worker considered?
Special benefit provisions for minor workers?

Second/Special Injury Fund

Second/Special Injury Fund?
Portion payable by the employer?
Portion payable by the fund?
Source of the Fund