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Claimwire provides access to state workers’ comp forms, laws, and rates for all 50 states.
Our API technology allows us to connect with any claims or RMIS software system
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Claimwire Forms
Claimwire Forms provides users access to every state form,
for all 50 states, and can populate data onto the forms.
Claimwire has been extremely responsive and
flexible in meeting the evolving requirements as a TPA.
Emily Kephart , Athens Administrators
Claimwire Search
Claimwire Search provides users immediate access
to over 7,000 state laws and rates.
Ever wonder what the reporting requirements are in each state?
Claimwire First Report
Claimwire First Report (aka ClaimCompass), is an on-line portal
for reporting the First Report of Injury for all 50 states.
Claimwire provides consistent, accurate information through their Forms API, to the point that we never have to worry about it.
Paul Binsfeld , CEO and Founder Company Nurse
Claimwire Compliance
Claimwire Compliance (available late 2017),
will pro-actively notify users when state forms needs
to be submitted based on changes to claim data.
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