Form Access Information

As of this very moment, Claimwire users are accessing information for about 15,905 forms every single day. That’s a lot of information!

What kind of information is being accessed?

At Claimwire, we not only have forms available for downloading, but we also provide detailed information about each form. For example, we tell you:

  • The official state name of the form
  • The form number (revision number)
  • The form date (revision date)
  • The form language (if other than English)

And more. This allows Claimwire users to find the exact form they’re looking for.

Since the launch of Claimwire in November 2012, our users have:

  • Accessed Information for 23,126,583 forms
  • Downloaded 1,490,516 forms

We are currently averaging:

  • 1,358,531 forms accessed each month
  • 74,204 forms downloaded each month

Just to be 100% clear, the difference between Accessed forms and Downloaded forms is this: when a user accesses information about a form (name, number, date, etc.), that’s counted as an Accessed form. Then if the user downloads the form we count is as a Downloaded form.

Seems pretty self-explanatory, but we just want to make sure everyone knows what we’re talking about.

Did you know we make state forms Data-Ready? That means you can put data from any software system onto a state form.

Did you know we have an API (web service) that allows you to embed all the state forms right into your software system?

We do, and we have much more. We are the state form experts.