First Report of Injury Info

More than 4,500,000 workers’ compensation incidents are reported each year. In 2006, there were 780,000 workers comp incidents reported in California alone. The vast majority of those incidents are reported on the ubiquitous First Report of Injury form.
Think of all the hours that are spent each year filiing out those forms! 
Even though the days of filling out the First Report forms by hand are all but gone, it still takes a considerable effort to report an incident—and filling out the form is only one part of the process.
For each workers’ comp incident, an employer (often with assistance from an insurance carrier or TPA), is required to:
  • Fill out the First Report of Injury form
  • File/Report the injury with the state
  • File/Report the injury with the insurance carrier
  • Communicate with medical providers
  • Communicate with other interested parties
And that’s just to get things started.
Don’t let this process control you and cost your company money. Claimwire can help.
Claimwire offers a one-stop site for reporting AND distributing the First Report of Injury. Here’s how it works:
  1. The employer goes to Claimwire to report the injury.
  2. The person filling out the report simply selects the state for which they need to report.
  3. An easy-to-use screen is displayed with all the fields requested on that particular state’s form.
  4. Most of the data, such as employer location and insurance carrier, is already populated on the form.
  5. When the user completes the form, they click submit.
  6. The form and its data are distributed to every person and entity required, and in the format they need.
That’s it.
  • One website
  • One time data entry
  • Every party is notified automatically
The automated process needs to be set up before all this great stuff can take place, but it’s a one-time implementation and then you’re done. You don’t have to remember who, what, where, and how each person/entity is notified.
The data entered into Claimwire can be sent to any system. Claimwire can create export files for every system out there.
We also have the ability to send text messages to claimants, doctors, supervisors and more.
Claimwire solves the problems associated with reporting all of those 4.5 million claims. Imagine the hours that can be saved by automating the reporting process in your organization.
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